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The Giftcard is loaded and activated at the time of his purchase, with a value range up to € 1000. Once activated in cash will receive a proof of purchase to be retained, together with the amount loaded.Per the purchase online is a valid receipt issued that will be included in the Shipping package. From this moment the card is valid for 1 year. After the expiry date of the Giftcard can no longer be used or the carrier will be entitled to any form of refund of unused credit, the remaining amount will be transferred to a new Giftcard for free if the request is made ​​before the expiry date of the same . At this point the paper is usable and may be delivered to the recipient. The card can be used by anyone present for any purchases in all Spinnaker Group's Shops. To know your balance, expiration date, and possibly the last 5 movements made ​​with the card, just go at any time at the tills of the Spinnaker Group. The gift card can be used for multiple purchases until all of the value contained or partial pay for a purchase. It can be recharged before it is exhausted and is not eligible for cash refunds for the amount of content. And 'bearer and is equivalent to cash: if it is lost, stolen or damaged, the card can not be blocked and no responsibility can be attributed to Spinnaker Group for its misuse, theft, loss or damage. The Giftcard may be used from the date of purchase until the expiration date printed on the card itself. The balance will appear from time to time just ask the cashier at the time of a purchase via the use of the Giftcard. For any questions please send email to

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